Nancye Miller is an entrepreneur consultant who has successfully owned and operated three consulting firms focused on marketing strategy. Through her career she has focused on developing and implementing the strategies necessary to increase existing revenue streams while expanding revenue opportunities for her clients. She is an international marketing strategist who has made a specialty from being able to not only submit a report with sound recommendations but to follow through with a client and accelerate the probability of the recommendations' being successfully implemented. She focuses on identifying new opportunities and creating growth for her clients.

Ms. Miller currently serves as CEO of the Global Virus Network (GVN). In that capacity she is responsible for developing the strategies necessary for GVN’s more than 30 Centers of Excellence in medical virology around the world to understand, prevent and control viral disease threats to mankind while bringing scientists to the forefront of confronting viral outbreaks.

One of the recent activities of the GVN is a Zika Task Force. GVN will complement what others are doing, bringing research and development to the long-term fight against Zika and other emergent viral threats. The current response to Zika is two-fold: (1) the immediate public health response focusing on vector control, and (2) the NIH classical behavior of using public health crises to bring additional resources to the scientific infrastructure of the United States.  

Ms. Miller has a number of professional relationships, including alumni status at both Harvard Business School and London Business School through their Executive Programs where they confer Masters’ degrees from both schools.

Ms. Miller is Chairman of and advises the New American Academy Initiative that is transforming education for elementary schools, providing improved pedagogy while radically reducing bureaucracy.