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A Message from Our Patron, Mrs. Ban Soon-taek:

H.E. Ban Soon-taek

H.E. Ban Soon-taek

I am honored to be the Patron of the UN Women for Peace Association, Inc. Over the years, I have been inspired by the scope of this amazing endeavor and its impact in enhancing the participation of women in the building of cultures of tolerance, respect and understanding and peace. Testimonies of great compassion, sheer determination, continued commitment and discipline, remind us that, despite the many global challenges we face, we can collectively sustain hope for a better future. Their stories illustrate the immense generosity inherent to the spirits of men and women and their hard work makes the mission of the UN Women for Peace Association, Inc. a sustainable reality. I am grateful for our partners and donors from around the world who continue to provide strength and vision to our organization.

Women's Rights are Human Rights

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